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Need a Redesign?

I often redesign websites for people. It amazes me how many website builders do not really take the time to listen to their clients, especially when it comes to creative people and Spiritual Entrepeneurs. Finding someone to design your site is difficult, because you cannot always put into words what you need, you just know how it should FEEL. You may have colours in mind, even some images. But what you have ended up with… well, it just isn’t what you imagined at all!


I’ve been there! In fact, my own experiences with a web designer are exactly why I am doing this now. I decided to learn how to use WordPress and all the other tools I needed to design my own websites. This was ten years ago. Since then I have learnt SO DAMN MUCH!

Combining my design skills to my empathic and intuitive abilities makes people say things like,

‘WOW! She just gets it!’


When I do a site redesign, it really is a redesign! I take things back to basics, then add the plugins that I trust to do the job and that are lightweight enough to not slow the site down.

I can either install a site under construction page, or I can design pages in draft and only take your site down for long enough to convert everything over. So if your site needs to be up and running 24/7, we can eliminate an awful lot of downtime.

Prices are dependent on the size of the site and the extent of the redesign. Before we begin, I will ask for access to your WordPress dashboard to understand what is needed and how long it will take. Only then do I offer an itemised quote.



Wainwright Consulting Website

The owner of Wainwright Consulting was interested in learning how to do some design herself, so I taught her how to use the WordPress dashboard. This website redesign ended up being a collaboration.

Tanya Clarke Website

This website had a complete overhaul from it’s previous version. I added far more images, vibrancy and call to action buttons and text. Testimonials were also scattered throughout the website.

“Working with Kirsten on my website redesign was brilliant. Kirsten is calm, knowledgeable, and friendly, and has a great understanding of good web design and viewer behaviour etc. Kirsten rarely says no! She finds a way to create what you’re looking for and goes the extra mile to ensure you’re delighted with the result. As an added bonus Kirsten was very willing to spend time with me explaining how to do things on WordPress, and so I’ve gone away confident in my own ability to maintain and make small tweaks to my site, and confident I’ve found an excellent partner to work with when I need more technical and complicated changes making. Honestly, breath of fresh air! Thank you.

Dani Wainwright

Financial Consultant, Wainwright Consulting

Web Design

Need a website building from scratch?

I can take you through the whole process. I recommend Green Geeks web hosting to all of my clients. Not only are they quick and reliable, their customer support is also great, AND they offer 300% Green Web Hosting Powered by Renewable Energy.

Website hosting is an energy heavy business, and knowing that three times’ the energy used for my web hosting is offset is a big deal to me.





Your domain name comes free for a year with your hosting package. SSL certificate and email address is also included.

Once your hosting is set up, I upload WordPress and we get designing!





But before any of that, we have a conversation about what you want from your site.

What does it need to do? Who is it aimed at?

We look at colours and fonts and I can offer logo design if you need it.

And when we start to build, you have constant access to the back end of the site, so you can see how it is progressing. The communication is always open, so we get everything working in a way that is pleasing to you, is functional, and is attractive to your clientele.

Price is dependent on many factors, such as design elements, number of pages, ecommerce capabilities etc., and so it is very hard to give an exact figure that will be the same for everyone. Your website is unique to you.



Puddings Group

The Puddings Group is a Digital Marketing Agency that specialises in helping photographers and artists.

My Mushrooms

My Mushrooms is an amazing site and shop where you can find information and buy medicinal mushroom products.

Moonanbak Apothecary

Moonanbak is full of wonderful things! Jeri is a creative in every sense of the word. She offers herbal consultations, potions and salves, an amazing elderberry syrup, and many gifts.