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I design book covers for self publishing authors at a fraction of the normal cost. Your book cover needs to stand out from the crowd online, especially when selling on Amazon, where many books are shown for each genre. An eye catching thumbnail of your cover design is the first step to people clicking on your book to find out more.

... But that's not all

Your cover designer needs to know the types of images that are attracting your potential buyer. I keep up to date with the images used in different genres, to give your images an extra boost.

I can also design the full cover for upload to Amazon KDP publishing.

Kirsten has designed two book covers for me, and I have already commissioned her to do a third. Her work reflects her natural artistic eye, combined with a thorough knowledge of the technicalities required to birth a vision into a concrete reality. That, together with timely production and being easily accessible to the customer, makes Kirsten’s design work extremely good value and the finished product a joy to receive.

Suyen Talken Sinclair


Pricing Options

I have two simple rules when designing a book cover.

Firstly, I speak with you, get a feel for your book, the genre and the marketplace.

Secondly, I go away and create a few different designs that you receive as a pdf. From these initial designs, we find the ones you like best and create a final product.

Along the way, the lines of communication are kept open. We cannot come to a design that works without it!

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Full cover design & set up for Amazon KDP publishing