Colours really do matter!
When we first look at anything we are attracted to the frequency of colours, depending on our personality type, our mood, or what we want to achieve from something. Colour is one of the best ways to initially engage your clients, which is why it’s such a big deal when it comes to branding.
When you are trying to decide what colours to use on your website it is important to take a step back and look at your brand. If you already have brand colours, these are the ones you use on your website…simple. As always, consistency is key.
If you don’t have any idea of your brand, and you are building your website…STOP!


You need to take a step back and think about a few things first.


⭐ Who is your client? If you don’t know this, you cannot choose colours that your client will be attracted to, or that will sell your story to that particular client.
⭐ What are you actually selling? What is the real emotion or energy behind your product? For instance, if you are an artist, what makes your work unique to you? THAT is what you are selling. Not a picture, but an emotion or energy, a story. Your colours should connect the client to the emotion.
⭐ Once you have done a bit of Googling to see which colours will work for your client, AND for your story, you then need to look at which of these colours YOU like. There is no point choosing colours for your brand that you can’t embrace. After all, the energy behind your brand is YOU!
⭐ Once you have whittled all of this down to one or two colours go to
This is my favourite place to find colours that go well together. You are looking for a colour palette that has one or two of your colours in, so that you now have a range of colours that you can use for your website. You can make a note of the hex value for each colour so that you can replicate it exactly on your site and in your branding.
You will notice that each palette has 5 colours on it. You may find you only really need to use three on your site, with two mainly as subtle accents that rarely appear. Choose one bolder colour and one subtle colour, and an in between.
When you are looking for images for your website make sure they are in the tonal ranges of your branding colours, and be careful not to choose images that clash…otherwise your site will give a jarring experience to the viewer.
I hope all of that helps! If you don’t want to build your own site, or want someone to sit down with and discuss your colour palette, then CONNECT with me.